APM Fire and Security

Fire and Security

Company Background

APM Fire and Security is a rapidly growing designer, installer and maintainer of fire, intruder, cctv, and access control systems and they have recently implemented Compliance Tracker to support their highly regulated business.

APM Fire and Security are regulated by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and BAFE for their operations in the fire and security business and undergo regular twice-yearly audits by these regulators to ensure that they meet their stringent standards, regulations and requirements across all parts of their business, in addition to the normal training, health and safety and management that all businesses are subjected to.

The company are based at their ead office in Twigworth, Gloucester where a team of office and surveying staff are based. They are supported by directly-employed, field-based engineers who carry out the installation and maintenance activities for the company.

Before Compliance Tracker

The company works under stringent standards required by their regulators that require regular reviews and/or renewals but also many other activities which require regular review in a number of areas:

    • Security screening of all staff
    • Calibration of test equipment
    • Reassessment for company and individual health and safety accreditations / qualifications
    • Vehicle inspections, servicing and MOTs
    • Audits of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) carried by each engineer and surveyor
    • Testing and audits of company plant and equipment
    • Annual renewals of company insurances, computer software licenses
    • Review of sub-contractors health and safety accreditations

While these areas cover parts of the business that are essential to be reviewed by fixed deadlines, there are many other parts of the business which also require regular review.

This task has been managed by one Director of the business to date, however as the company continues to grow rapidly, so do the size of these compliances along with additional responsibilities and requirements required by a growing business which can take away the focus to be compliant in these areas.

Paul Moulder, Director, says “with any growing company, the requirements to remain fully compliant in all aspects of the business were challenging in addition to the many other hats that I wear to support the operations of the company. In addition, the requirements that we must meet that are required by our regulators, those from a health and safety perspective to protect our people and my growing responsibilities as a result of the company’s growth mean that an efficient system to automatically track all these elements is an absolute must.”

Customer Requirements for the System/Works

With the company’s workload growing and the expanding staff numbers, APM Fire and Security needed an efficient system that would log any part of the business operation that would require a regular review, update or renewal and flag attention to each element with prior warning and with reminders to ensure the business remained fully complaint.

The Solution Provided

Compliance Systems worked closely with APM Fire and Security to define all elements of the business that required regular review or renewals, their due dates and the number and recipients of each reminder and then supported the company in completing the upload of all this information into Compliance Tracker. Following training a number of non-compliances were identified (and quickly rectified) and the company are now receiving advance warning of the due dates of non-compliances which are helping to facilitate the company meeting its responsibilities across all parts of the business well before their due date.

The Result

The process of tracking all APM Fire and Security’s varied and numerous compliances are now made much simpler with reminders set well in advance of their due dates, allowing the company to prepare for reviews or renewals in plenty of time while at the same time helping to spread the workload of compliances for management. This is allowing them to work more efficiently and take on the additional responsibilities a growing business brings.

The major benefit that Compliance Tracker has provided is that extra, silent resource that’s just monitoring our compliances in the background and automatically flagging up to us actions that must be taken well in advance and reminding us if they haven’t progressed” says Paul.

The system is complex to account for the varying compliances that we must meet yet from a day to day management perspective its simple and effective to use and is relied upon as the voice to remind us when it’s time to comply.


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