Still using spreadsheets to check everything?

Let Compliance Tracker take the strain

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Compliance Systems

Let Compliance Tracker replace your spreadsheets

Whatever you need to keep track of, be it

  • making sure your employees are trained in the right skills
  • keeping track of customer service contracts and training schedules
  • regular servicing, inspection and testing of your equipment
  • ensuring your audits are carried out (ISO, Health & Safety etc.)

Compliance Tracker will

  • save you time
  • remove the need to check spreadsheets constantly
  • remove reliance on one person
  • show you exactly where you are non-compliant
  • show you what will become non-compliant in the future

The Compliance Tracker dashboard tells you everything you need to know about compliance within your organisation. Every part of the dashboard is live and will link to the compliance report showing you the data behind each graphic.

Compliance Tracker demonstrates you take your compliance management seriously.

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Abbeyfield Wales chooses Compliance Systems

Abbeyfield Wales Society, a group of 24 homes providing sheltered and nursing accommodation throughout Wales, have chosen Compliance Systems to help keep them up to date with staff training, equipment servicing and auditing.

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How does it work?

We help you identify your data

We help you identify your data

Using your existing spreadsheets and our spreadsheet templates, we will work with you to identify all your compliance data.

We load your data

We load your data

We get your data loaded into Compliance Tracker, meaning you don’t have to do lots of keying in.

We come and train you

We come and train you

Once your data is loaded, we’ll come back and make sure you’re happy with it and that you know how the system works. This should take no more than an hour.

You’re up and running!

You're up and running

You can ditch those spreadsheets and let Compliance Tracker do all the checking and alerting, freeing you up to do something else.

The major benefit that Compliance Tracker has provided is that extra, silent resource that’s just monitoring our compliances in the background and automatically flagging up to us actions that must be taken well in advance and reminding us if they haven’t progressed” says Paul.

Paul - APM Fire and Security

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